The Happy Wombat

The Happy Wombat is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We offer local fresh meals that are sure to satisfy.

The Happy Wombat is not a typical place you would think to head for a meal. Located under the Quest Apartments in the west end of Hunter Street, but it is a roomy cute space with two main areas: an eat-in bar area and dining room, suitable for families and those who don't want to sit at tall benches.

Apart from the eating aspect, this is a place for passing the time. Books line one of the walls, as do old Encyclopedia Britannicas, novels and non-fiction volumes. Grab a board game while you enjoy a drink.

The menu has breads, wraps, salads, pizzas, mains and share plates for you to consider. Plenty of share plate options come with plenty on them to share.


  • 575 Hunter Street, Newcastle, Newcastle, NSW, 2300
  • (02) 4926 2010
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